Biodynamic Red Wine Tasting ~ 6/18/19 6:30pm


Fortune magazine did a blind wine tasting of 10 pairs of biodynamic versus conventional wines, with the judges being wine sommeliers and experts. 9 of the biodynamic wines were judged superior.

Why the difference? Biodynamic wines are created from vineyards that practice organic farming regarding soil, crop nutrition, bioversity and pest and weed control. Come taste the difference!

The red wines we’ll taste are:

Ampeleia ‘Kepos’ Maremma IGT 2017

Chaume-Arnaud ‘Petit Coquet, Cotes du Rhone 2017

Colombaia ‘Vigna Nuova’ Rosso Toscano 2013

Saionbt-Aubin ‘Le Ban’ Bourgogne Rouge 2014

La Source du Ruault ‘Cuvee’ Samur Champigny 2016

25 Available

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