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  • Playful Wines of Summer ~ 7/16/19 6:30 pm


    Summer Playful Wines, just in time to cool us off this July!

    This week, join us as we explore the light, bright summertime wines of Europe – specifically the Mediterranean!
    We’ll be starting in the Basque region of Spain with the RK Rekalde, Txacolin de Geteria, then a tour of Italy to taste the Arnaldo Caprai, Grechetto Grecante from Colli Martani from Umbria,  the Santadi, ‘Villa Solais,’ Vermentino di Sardegna 2017 from Sardinia,

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  • Red Wine Tasting

    Red Wines for Grilling ~ 7/9/19 6:30 pm


    Come and explore the perfect wine for the grill!

    How does grilling affect food?
    You are grilling high heat, prominent sear, while still striving to keep the meat tasty!

    Consider the weight and texture of the food. Think of a spectrum from skim milk to heavy cream. Your cooking technique and seasonings play an essential role in the final product. Which is heavier? A piece of flounder cooked in margarine or a charred ribeye?

    Consider the overall temperature outside and chill those reds! Twenty minutes in the fridge should create the perfect temp for most reds.

    The Wines!

    NV Locations Rosé France

    Winemakers Notes
    A rich, deep salmon color consumes the glass with a pale orange cr

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