Need a Local Wine Store? Murphy’s Wine Shop Has You Covered Picture this. You’re on your way to a dinner party where the host is a wine connoisseur. AKA your go to two buck chuck won’t cut it. You know this host likes dry white wines and loves learning about new wineries. So, what do you do? Allow me to introduce you to Murphy’s Wine Shop. Murphy’s Wine Shop is located right at the heart of Virginia Highland’s in Atlanta, GA. When you walk in you are greeted by two full walls of every kind of wine you can dream of. Now while that may not sound like a lot of wine, what’s great about the wine shop team is that they try all of the wine they keep in the store. Which means, they’ve tasted the wine and will tell you their honest opinions. This also means that if you can’t find something that matches your normal taste, they can provide you a recommendation of the closest thing they have in store. Should you want to taste their wines for yourself, every Tuesday they host a wine tasting where you can come in and try a selected few bottles of their own wines. Sometimes they are even themed. For example, this week they are focusing on International Women’s Day and are featuring wines made by female wine makers. Once you find the bottle of wine you like, it gets even better. When you check out, they will set up your “wine profile” which will essentially keep a list of wine that you have purchased in the past. Why is this so great? Say you (or the host of this hypothetical party) really enjoy the wine you take home and you want to buy it again, but you can’t remember the name of the wine – you can simply call and have the team pull up your “wine profile” and they will be able to tell you. Should you want to buy it again – that’s no problem. You can even tell the wine shop when you want to come grab it, and when you arrive they can bring it to your car. Knowing how easy Murphy’s Wine Shop makes it to get great wine at a great value, who is going to check them out?